Garden machines

Garden machines help you with all the work that needs to be done in the garden or park, especially if you have access to just the right tool. Because: Gardening is beautiful, but with the right gardeningmachine even a pleasure!

The many different gardening tasks are reflected in the range of garden machinery available. There are specific gardening helpers for almost every job, and you can often still choose from different variants. Depending on the requirements, type and size of the garden, there are machines with different drive types, designs and versions.

For extensive plots of land, a powerful gasoline or battery-powered machine often makes sense; for a smaller radius, a cheaper and quieter corded electric machine could be your tool of choice. Note here: On average, gasoline-powered units require more frequent maintenance.

What no proud lawn owner should be without is a lawn mower or robotic mower. Depending on the requirements, type and size of the garden, there are lawn mowers with a gasoline engine, in the electric or battery variant or as a classic hand mower, mowing robots, on the other hand, are always powered by battery. For small and impassable green areas, a handy lawn trimmer is ideal. To keep your lawn in even better shape, a scarifier is worthwhile. With it, you scarify the lawn, remove old cuttings and moss, and thus promote aeration of the soil.

The basic equipment of a gardener also includes machines such as shredders, electric hedge trimmers and grass shears. If you have a lot to do with woody plants and trees, a chainsaw is a good choice.
When the season changes, helpers such as leaf blowers or leaf vacuums are recommended and can save you a lot of time. And if it's a hard winter, you can clear the way with a snow blower.

To make buying garden machinery really worthwhile, you'll find the accessories you need here. These range from replacement spools for lawn trimmers and saw blades to a robotic mower garage.