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Sex and eroticism are basic human needs and should no longer be a taboo subject. That's why we have a large assortment of condoms and sex toys (e.g. dildo, vibrator, butt-plug, etc.), which should bring you even more fun with the most beautiful secondary matter in the world. Brands like Womanizer, Durex, Fifty Shades of Grey and many more are available with us and are supposed to simplify, intensify or simply beautify your orgasm. Take a look and let yourself be inspired. 

  • Product test

    The Womanizer OG G-spot vibrator in a self-test

    by Olivia Leth

  • Background information

    What do sex dreams really mean?

    by Natalie Hemengül

  • Background information

    Evolution of the sex toy: from the Stone Age to the future

    by Janina Lebiszczak

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