Cleaning appliances

With high-pressure cleaners, wet-dry vacuums, sweepers and other tools, you can keep your house and yard clean in an ergonomic and time-saving way without putting too much strain on your back. Whetheryou want to clean your garden, your patio, your garden furniture, pet paws, floors, car, house wall or cellar, you will find a wide selection of suitable equipment and the necessary accessories. The assortment ranges from light equipment for hobby use to extremely powerful professional equipment, from cleaning agents to high-pressure cleaner attachments.
Exterior cleaning in particular is not just for the sake of a beautiful image, but also helps to decisively extend the service life of patio floors or house facades, for example.

With high-pressure cleaners you clean very thoroughly, quickly and conveniently indoors and outdoors. Depending on the application area, type of dirt and type of application, there are many different models with electric or battery drive. Even very specific tasks can be effectively solved with extensive accessories.

In addition, the range offers a diverse range of wet-dry vacuum cleaners, which, depending on the product, not only pick up dust, wood or metal chips, but also liquids. Still other wet-dry vacuum cleaner models wipe and vacuum at the same time.

Efficient and energy-saving cleaning of walkways and other surfaces is taken care of by easily maneuverable sweepers.