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A grill is one thing - but to grill properly you also need the right equipment. The accessories are very important for the right grilling result.

Wood, charcoal or briquettes must be heated strongly
over a longer period of time for a clean combustion. Here, a kindling chimney enables the fuel to be ignited easily, reliably and relatively quickly due to the chimney effect. An electric barbecue lighter also produces a uniform glow within a short time. Chemical barbecue lighters are easily ignited and burn long enough to ignite the actual fuel. They should be applied before lighting the grill. They are available in liquid form for soaking the fuel, in gel-like, viscous form - usually made of kerosene, kerosene or N-paraffin - and in solid form, such as waxed wood wool or wood fiber. With a hot air blower, the fuel can be ignited evenly and very quickly.

Grill temperature
To get the perfect piece of meat, it is very important to know when the core temperature of the grilled food is reached. Especially with thick meat, you need a barbecue thermometer to measure the core temperature. Some barbecue thermometers already transmit the temperature of the meat via Bluetooth. It is simply displayed via free app on your mobile device. The app also warns you when the temperature in the grill food is too high or when it is finished grilling. In the meantime, you can relax.

A drip tray for the grill prevents the grill from getting very dirty from fat and meat juices dripping down. At the same time, you can pour water into a drip tray and prevent the grilled food from drying out. A drip tray is also suitable for marinating and rubbing meat. For the aromatic preparation of vegetables, grilled fruit or smaller grilled food, vegetable baskets are very helpful.

Barbecue utensils
A good set of grilling tongs is a must-have. If you want to expand your grill assortment, a turner can be recommended. The grill case contains everything you need for grilling.

Depending on the food you want to serve, there are accessories to suit your grilling needs. The double skewers are suitable to hold smaller grilled food securely so that it does not slip when turning. With the burger press you can form beautiful round burgers and the pizza stone is ideal for baking pizza, bread and desserts. The grill plate, in turn, is very suitable for frying meat, but also partly to prepare egg dishes and crepes.

You can spray the grill and accessories with a grill cleaner, then let the cleaner work for a short time and then you can clean your grill without any effort. We recommend you to clean the grill immediately after using it, because the longer you wait, the more difficult it is to remove the dirt. When cleaning, it is also important to use a grill brush with a long handle to avoid burns on the skin during cleaning. The bristles also need to be sturdy so they don't nick and end up in the grill.

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    by Judith Erdin

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