Table decoration

A nicely decorated table looks inviting to guests and is proof of a lively and playful household. These simple tips and tricks will help you create table decorations for any occasion with just a few accessories. We offer a range of table decoration items, such as tablecloths, vases and other decorative objects for the dining table.

The shape of your table plays a crucial role when it comes to arranging the decoration. The rule of thumb is: on a round dining table, the decoration should be placed in the middle and on rectangular or oval tables, it should be placed lengthwise.

For everyday life:
Place a bouquet of dried or fresh flowers on the dining table in a pretty vase. Alternatively, an elegant decorative bowl filled with fruit will do. It makes the dining area look a lot more lively. A tablecloth made of natural materials in muted colours also adds to a warm atmosphere.

More light for festive moments:
Set seasonal highlights with your table decoration by adding classic candles, candle wreaths, lanterns or everlasting LED candles. These bathe the room in cosy light and create a comfortable atmosphere at the table. It works for Christmas, Easter as well as for a romantic dinner for two.

The colour choice:
Coordinate your decorations with your tableware and cutlery. The rule is: less is more. We recommend combining non-colours such as white, black and grey, with one or at most two accent colours to create an elegant look.

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    by Pia Seidel