Best products in the Speaker accessories category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Sonos CDNGLWW1

Expand the audio.

2. Audioengine Wireless Audio Adapter

Play all your music wirelessly from your computer or any other audio device to your active speakers, stereo system or active subwoofers. The Audioengine W3 offers you CD quality with stereo sound, you also have the possibility to use multiple W3 receivers without reducing the audio quality. The W3 represent a new level of quality and ease of use for wireless music. Even if you're not an audio enthusiast, you'll still hear the difference.

The Audioengine W3 is designed to connect your digital and analog audio components wirelessly. It is a USB audio up to 16bits/48KHz without compression, and analog output via a 3.5mm jack.

The W3 consists of two parts: the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter transmits the music from your computer via the USB port, or via the 3.5mm jack plug or RCA outputs. The W3 Receiver delivers the music to any product with a mini jack or a cinch connector.

Power for the transmitter and receiver is either provided by the USB port on the computer or via the supplied mains adapter. Another power source is the Audioengine 5+, which is equipped with a USB port on the back.

Listen to music without dropouts or noise. Your music remains free from interference from WLAN routers, cordless and mobile phones, microwave ovens, Bluetooth and WiFi devices. It's a wireless that works.

Bypass the sound card from your computer or headphone jack and send wirelessly to all music systems. The W3 transmits all music file formats from any computer program and simultaneously sends music to three radio receivers simultaneously.

The W3 transmits uncompressed PCM music in the 2.4 GHz range, but it uses a closed protocol specifically designed for audio. The most important features that distinguish the W3 from other WLAN systems are its ease of installation, low delay time, good audio quality, no dropouts and high interference tolerance.
The system used in the W3 has, of course, been tested to maintain a trouble-free audio quality even when other devices or networks are installed.
The W3 has a real-time streaming function, which was specially developed for the music. It contains 6 quality controls, a novelty to achieve the most robust audio connection in its category.

Simple installation, connects in seconds | Works with Mac or PC | Works with analog devices with chinch or mini jack output | Plug-n-Play, no software or installation required | 30m range without dropouts or interference | CD quality with stereo sound without audio degradation | Plays all music formats from any media player

3. JBL Protective cover EON 718S-CVR

Loudspeaker accessory type: protective cover.

4. Poly 85R78AA

Matching charging station for the SYNC 40 speakerphone from Poly.

5. JBL Professional PRXONE-Transporter-NAT

- Rolling Base Speaker Transporter for JBL PRX ONE PA System

- Deluxe Subwoofer Cover with Durable Polyester Exterior & Soft, Tricot Interior Attaches to Caster
Board via Buckles

- 10mm-Thick, Integrated Caster Board & Convenient Tow Handle for Easy Travel

- Handle Cutout Access with Hook-and-Loop Flap Closure

- Printed JBL® Logo.


- Speaker Slipcover Designed for JBL PRX 915XLF Powered 15-Inch Subwoofer

- Tough, Water-Resistant 600D Black Polyester Exterior Fabric

- Soft, 210D Polyester
Interior Fabric with Protective Padding

- Dual Side Cutouts for Easy Access to Subwoofer Carry Handles

- Exterior Dimensions: 27”/686mm (L) x 24.75”/629mm (W) x 28”/711mm (H), Net Weight: 2.8 lbs./1.3 kg

- Interior Dimensions: 26.75”/679mm (L) x 24”/610mm (W) x 27.25”/692mm (H).

7. Sonos Combo adapter

Expand the audio.

8. Flexson 3 in 1 Travel-Cover für Sonos Roam

9. JBL Convertible cover for EON 715

Loudspeaker accessory type: Protective cover.

10. Monacor Speaker foam sealing tape

LS foam sealing tape, 5 pieces of 150 cm each. Self-adhesive seal (2 x 5 mm). Ideal for chassis mounting.