Speaker cables

Explore our extensive range of speaker cables, an indispensable accessory for audiophiles and casual listeners alike seeking to optimize their sound systems. Ourcollection includes a variety of high-quality cables designed to connect your speakers to audio sources, enhancing sound clarity and fidelity. You can expect brands known for their durability and superior sound transmission such as Oehlbach, Goobay, LogiLink, Teufel, and Sonero. The range encompasses options like the Oehlbach SPEAKER WIRE SP25, favored for its high-end performance, and the Goobay Install, recognized for its reliable installation.

Speaker cables are pivotal in audio setups, and their selection depends on several factors, including the segment, which is typically discerned by labels such as 'High end' for premium quality sound reproduction. When browsing for the perfect speaker cable, consider the compatibility with your equipment, desired length, and cable gauge to ensure an impeccable listening experience. For instance, the LogiLink CA Speaker Cable is suitable for various audio installations, while the robust Teufel C4515S caters to those who demand resilience in addition to performance. For larger setups or custom installations, the Sonero Loudspeaker Cable 4,00mm² CCA 50 m roll offers a combination of flexibility and ample length.

Utilize the 'Segment' filter to navigate through our selection, focusing on 'High end' if you're seeking cables that are designed to meet the demands of audiophiles. Whether you're setting up a home theater or improving your stereo, the right speaker cable can make all the difference in achieving peak audio performance. Discover your ideal match by refining your search to include top brands, product specifications, and availability to ensure your sound system is complete with the best possible connections.