• Background information

    Apple iPhone becoming more and more affordable

    by Samuel Buchmann

  • Product test

    How much does a smartphone need to cost? The Nokia G42 is as solid as back in the day

    by Lorenz Keller

  • Product test

    Moto G54 vs. Moto G84: the cheaper chappy wins the race

    by Jan Johannsen


Looking to buy a new smartphone? We’ll help you find the phone of your dreams from our range of over 1,100 models.

It’s not only the exterior of a cell phone that
counts, but also its inner specs. Besides the design, there are over twenty other product features that distinguish smartphones. This is where we can help you: on our page, you can filter our extensive range according to the properties of your choice. Simply click on your desired criteria in the left navigation bar. In just a few steps, you’ll have an overview of all devices that meet your requirements. You can then sort your selection of smartphones by price, release date or (positive) ratings. Once you’re clear on your personal must-haves, you can quickly narrow down your choices.

But there’s one choice we can’t make for you: iOS, Android or AOS (Android Open Source)?

This is a fundamental question. Not only the ease of use depends on the cell phone’s operating system, but also which apps are preinstalled on the device and which can be downloaded later. A majority of the available smartphones use Android, the operating system developed by Google. The best-known alternative to Android is iOS, which is found exclusively on Apple devices. You can find valuable tips on the web about which operating system suits you best. Do you only use your phone once in a while, or are you a heavy user? This is an important consideration when it comes to selecting processor power, memory, battery capacity, and the supported mobile communication standard. The processor’s performance determines how fast your favourite apps load and run. This is especially important for playing (VR) games. The cellular standards supported by the device influence how fast you can surf the network (filter by «Mobile phone standard»). The more you use your phone, the more battery capacity (mAh) it needs.

Love the world of multimedia? The more photos you take and the more important an extensive music library is to you, the larger your memory should be (filter by «Storage capacity»). Having the option to expand internal memory is always an advantage (filter by «Max. memory extension»). If you’re a photo enthusiast, you can filter our mobile phone assortment specifically by camera features (filter by «Camera feature», «Number of cameras» and «Camera resolution»). Like to be active and don’t mind rainy weather? Then you may want to take shock and water resistance into account during your search (filter by «Protection type (IP code)»).

Ultimately, the perfect smartphone is one that offers you everything that’s most important to you at an attractive price. We wish you a lot of fun on your search and hope you find your desired device in our shop. Our customer service is happy to offer further assistance.