Microsoft increases prices for the Xbox Game Pass
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Microsoft increases prices for the Xbox Game Pass

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Microsoft is increasing the prices for Xbox Game Pass worldwide and introducing a new "standard" tariffs. The changes apply to new customers with immediate effect. Existing members still have the chance to switch or cancel their plan.

Microsoft is announcing several changes to the pricing structure of its Game Pass subscription. With immediate effect (10 July), the "Xbox Game Pass Ultimate", "PC Game Pass" and "Xbox Game Pass Core" plans will become more expensive for new subscribers.

For existing members with automatic plan renewals, prices will increase with the first invoice after 12 September. In Switzerland, the "Xbox Game Pass Core" will not be affected by the price increases.

This is what the new prices for Switzerland and Germany look like:

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (1 month)

  • New: 19.99 CHF / 17.99 EUR
  • Old: 16.99 CHF / 14.99 EUR

PC Game Pass (1 month)

  • New: 12.99 CHF / 11.99 EUR
  • Old: 11.99 CHF / 9.99 EUR

Xbox Game Pass Core (12 months)

  • New: 79 CHF / 69.99 EUR
  • Old: 79 CHF / 59.99 EUR

A complete list with all regions can be found at Microsoft.

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"Xbox Game Pass for Console" to be abolished

In addition to the price changes, Microsoft is also announcing changes to the subscription structure. The "Xbox Game Pass for Console" will be abolished with immediate effect (10 July). This was previously available for CHF 16.99 or EUR 14.99 per month. It will be replaced by the "Xbox Game Pass Standard", which is expected to start in September - existing members will be able to extend their subscription until then. From 18 September, the maximum renewal period will be limited to 13 months.

In contrast to the "Core" plan, the "Standard" model includes access to online multiplayer functions on consoles. However, there are no more day-one releases. It is not yet clear how much the new "Standard" model will cost in Switzerland and Germany. Microsoft has only revealed that it will cost USD 14.99 in the USA.

Which features do I get with which plan?

With the adjustments to the subscription structure and name changes, it's difficult to keep track of all the features and functions of the Game Pass plans. Here is an overview of all the important benefits of the plans:

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

  • All Day One releases
  • All games for console and PC
  • Multiplayer on console
  • EA Play included
  • Riot Games in-game purchases included
  • Cloud Gaming

PC Game Pass

  • All Day One Releases
  • All games for PC
  • EA Play included
  • Riot Games in-game purchases included

Xbox Game Pass Standard (replaces the "Console" subscription)

  • No Day One Releases
  • "Hundreds of games" for console
  • Multiplayer on console

Xbox Game Pass Core (formerly "Xbox Live Gold")

  • No Day One Releases
  • "More than 25 games" for console
  • Multiplayer on console

How do I change or cancel my plan?

If you want to manage your Xbox subscriptions, you can do this in your Microsoft account under "Services and subscriptions". On the Xbox console, you can manage your plans under: Settings > Account > Subscriptions.

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