Apple brings "Return to Monkey Island" to the Arcade catalogue
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Apple brings "Return to Monkey Island" to the Arcade catalogue

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June brings a premium game for Arcade, Apple's subscription service for computer games. Old and new friends of the pirate Guybrush Threepwood can now experience the game, which was released in 2022, on iPad, iPhone and Mac.

"Monkey Island" was a bestseller in the computer games industry in the early 1990s. A sequel was last released in 2009. For true fans, however, it was only two years ago that would-be pirate Guybrush Threepwood really returned. "Return to Monkey Island" was once again penned by Ron Gilbert, who had actually said goodbye to the series after "Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge" in 1991.

Gaming colleague Philipp Rüegg celebrated the sixth instalment in the Monkey Island series in his review at the time:

  • Product test

    «Return to Monkey Island»: as if Guybrush had never left

    by Philipp Rüegg

The fact that it usually takes a little longer for popular games on other platforms to appear on Apple Arcade is a familiar pattern. It's obviously still difficult for Apple to get developer studios excited about making a game available to the Apple community right at launch. I recently spoke about this with colleagues Samuel and Florian in the Digitec podcast "Take a Byte".

More new products on 3 July

Apple has announced three more games for the beginning of July:

"Outlanders 2: Second Nature"

"Outlanders 2: Second Nature" is the sequel to the city-building strategy from 2019, developed by indie studio Pomelo Games from Uruguay. I briefly introduced it here. The sequel promises 21 levels in campaign mode and fortnightly updated challenges right from the start. Of course, the graphics have been revised, there will be new buildings and resources as well as new leaders of the village communities. And - the climate crisis sends its regards - there are new approaches to ensure the survival of the Outlanders by protecting the ecosystem.

""Punch Kick Duck"

"Punch Kick Duck" is no longer quite so fresh because it's already a year old. It's all about the right timing to get your fighting duck through the levels successfully

"Zen Koi Pro"

The game is also older, from 2022 to be precise, and what was already available for Android or in versions with in-app purchases for iOS is now included in the Apple Arcade catalogue. This eliminates the annoying advertising and allows you to concentrate fully on the colour patterns you can create in this game with koi carp.

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