• Why sauna etiquette in Germany and Switzerland is such a culture shock for expats

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    by Katherine Martin

Sauna accessories

Elevate your sauna experience with our comprehensive range of sauna accessories, designed to enhance comfort, convenience, and safety. From the invigorating scentof sauna fragrances to the precise temperature control of efficient sauna heaters, our collection caters to every aspect of your sauna journey. With a variety of items such as sauna salt crystals, thermometers, hygrometers, and buckets, your sauna session can become a fully bespoke retreat. Top brands including Karibu, Dr. Andres, Liebenstein, Harvia, and Sentiotec provide you with quality products that sauna enthusiasts have come to trust. For instance, Karibu's plush sauna pillows have become a staple for added comfort, while Dr. Andres' Raiser-68 is acclaimed for maintaining the perfect sauna climate.

When it comes to sauna accessories, each subtype plays a crucial role in delivering an optimized sauna experience. Sauna salt crystals are known for their health benefits, helping to clear skin and invigorate the senses. A reliable sauna thermometer ensures you're enjoying your sauna at the ideal temperature, while the hygrometer measures humidity to achieve the perfect balance of heat and moisture. A stylish sauna bucket and ladle enable you to pour water over hot stones effortlessly, generating soothing steam. Sauna fragrances, available in sets from Sentiotec, infuse the air with therapeutic scents, while infrared radiators and controls provide advanced options for heat management. Sauna care products keep your sanctuary clean and welcoming, and essential sauna headrests and kilts ensure comfort during prolonged sessions. For those building their private sauna, sauna building elements and interior design accessories allow customization to exact specifications. Finally, the quintessential sauna stones, sand timers, hats, and heaters complete the authentic sauna ambiance, making each visit to your sauna a holistic and luxurious escape.