Boats are very popular in the summer. In our assortment you will find a selection of kayaks and inflatable boats from brands like Intex, Aqua Marina, Bestway, Sevylor or Bic. The boat and suitable paddles are crucial for your speed and safety on the water. With a kayak you are faster on the other shore than with a rubber or solid boat, because it is lighter and can glide better through the water due to its special shape.
The paddle plays an important role when buying a boat. Most boats already come with a suitable paddle, but otherwise we also have different types of paddles that are suitable for your choice of boat. Of course, we also have the right air pump for your inflatable boat, so you don't waste too much time. Always make sure you have enough air in your inflatable boat so that you can glide over the water in the best possible way and the boat has a stable position. To measure the water depth, we offer a range of echo sounders, which is used for electroacoustic measurement of water depths.