Squash balls

Squash is a high-energy sport that requires skill, speed, and precision – and central to the game is the squash ball, an indispensable piece of equipment for players of all levels. A squash ball is specifically designed to perform within the unique environment of a squash court, with its performance characteristics impacting the speed and style of play. The seamless construction of a squash ball allows it to maintain optimum bounce and flight dynamics. Players select squash balls based on their skill level and the type of game they seek; for instance, double yellow dot balls are tailored for professional and experienced players, offering a very low bounce, while blue dot balls are designed to have a higher bounce suitable for beginners or intermediate players.

When scanning through the top-grade options available, squash enthusiasts will come across prominent brands that cater to the needs of the sport. Head leads the pack with products like their 'Prime' squash balls, offering consistent performance and durability suitable for serious competitors. Perfly raises the game with the 'sb 990 pro x2 double yellow dot', a pack designed with experienced players in mind, ensuring a challenging game with low bounce and high standards. Dunlop, a revered name in the squash world, presents the 'Pro Squash Ball, 12er Pack', equipping players with a bulk option that promises professionalism and peak game conditions over many matches. Opfeel's 'sb 190 x2 blue dot', on the other hand, is excellent for newcomers to the game, promoting longer rallies with its higher bounce. Lastly, Unsquashable's 'Squash balls slow' cater to players who prefer a more controlled and deliberate pace within their plays. Whether you're looking to enhance your competitive edge or just starting out, the right squash ball can elevate your game to new heights.