Riding saddles

Riding saddles are the quintessential connection between horse and rider, designed to offer support and comfort to both during equestrian activities. Whether forcasual trail riding, dressage, or high-level competition, a good saddle enhances the rider's control and aids in proper riding posture, while also minimizing the strain on the horse's back. Riders of all skill levels understand the importance of selecting the right saddle to suit their discipline and personal riding style, ensuring an enjoyable and effective ride each time.

Hy Comfort is recognized in the equestrian community for products like their Saddle SeatCover, which provides additional comfort for long rides. Waldhausen caters to the eventing circuit with items like their Eventing Saddle made of neoprene, offering durability and flexibility. Kerbl offers comprehensive solutions to new riders with their Saddle Set, which typically includes a saddle and other riding essentials. Mattes stands out with their Lambskin Pad with Fur Edge Complete, offering luxury and protection with natural materials. Lastly, F.R.A offers an anatomically cut riding pad, acclaimed for its ergonomic design that promotes equine welfare and rider harmony. Each brand presents a unique set of features, catering to the varied needs and preferences found within the equestrian community.