Weather station accessories

Weather station accessories available in our online shop cater to a varied audience, ranging from amateur climate enthusiasts to professional meteorologists. These products enhance the functionality of personal weather stations, providing more granular control and insights into environmental conditions.

Netatmo stands out with its Smart Indoor Module, an excellent addition for indoor climate tracking. This module seamlessly integrates with Netatmo weather stations, offering real-time data about indoor air quality, temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels, enabling users to maintain a healthy indoor environment.

For those interested in detailed wind measurements, Technoline's best-selling Anemometer is an excellent tool. Easily connected to personal weather stations, it provides accurate wind speed and direction data, essential for weather forecasting and for any outdoor activity planning that requires precise wind information.

TFA is recognized for its 30.3249.02 Thermo/hygro sensor—these sensors are fundamental for acquiring accurate temperature and humidity readings. Compatible with a variety of weather stations, they are durable, reliable, and enable you to monitor the microclimate around your home or garden with ease.

Theben is synonymous with sophistication in weather-related measurements. Their Meteodata 140 S 24V GPS KNX Weather Station is an all-in-one solution that measures not just wind and rain, but also brightness and temperature. Moreover, the slat tracking function offers valuable data for smart home systems to optimize energy management by adjusting blinds or shutters according to the weather.

Lastly, Busch-Jaeger offers a comprehensive weather station designed to be robust and easy to integrate into existing smart home setups. Offering a full suite of environmental sensing, these weather stations are perfect for those who wish to extend their home automation capabilities.