Pitters are specialized kitchen tools designed to make the process of removing pits from various fruits easy and efficient. This task is often cumbersome and time-consuming when done by hand with a knife, especially for those who enjoy fresh fruits like cherries, plums, olives, or dates in their daily diet or for home cooks who prepare fruit preserves, pies, and tarts. Pitters contribute to kitchen safety by reducing the risk of accidental cuts and by preserving the integrity of the fruit for a more appealing presentation.

Several esteemed brands offer pitters with a range of features tailored to specific needs. Westmark, for instance, brings efficiency to the kitchen with their Cherrymat, an effective cherry pitter capable of processing a substantial quantity of cherries quickly. Brabantia, while noted here for an apple corer, also provides reliable pitting tools designed to complement their suite of kitchenware with durability and aesthetic appeal. WMF's Professional Plus is a testament to craftsmanship, offering precision and robust design in their pitting devices. Meanwhile, Leifheit takes on plums with their Plum pit remover, which ensures a clean stone removal for better preserves or desserts. And lastly, OXO, renowned for ergonomic kitchen gadgets, is celebrated for their Ball cutter, a versatile tool which although not a traditional pitter, excels in preparing fruits for pitting and further processing. These brands value both form and function, producing pitters that are easy to handle, clean, and store, enhancing the overall fruit prep experience.