Adhesive pads

Adhesive pads offer an innovative solution for mounting, hanging, and securing items without the need for nails or screws. Ideal for individuals who value a clean, damage-free approach to organizing spaces and displaying decor, these pads are extensively utilized in households, offices, and classrooms. Users can easily apply them to hang artwork, secure furniture, or even organize cables and tools. They provide a versatile, convenient, and reliable method for temporary or permanent attachment tasks.

At our online shop, we showcase a variety of adhesive pads from renowned brands, each tailored to specific needs. Command presents its Picture Mounting Strips M, an excellent choice for those looking to securely display pictures and artwork without leaving marks on the wall. Herma's Photo Adhesive 1000 pieces in a cardboard dispenser is an indispensable product for scrapbooking enthusiasts and photographers looking to affix photos without damage. UHU delivers a unique product with Patafix, a reusable and removable option for affixing lightweight objects. Tesa's Powerstrips POSTER, Big Pack with 96 double-sided adhesive strips, offers a strong holding capacity of up to 200g, making it suitable for posters and light decor elements. Lastly, Walther Design's Photo Glue Dispenser contributes 650 pieces of user-friendly photo adhesives for an array of mounting tasks. Each of these brands provides reliable and efficient solutions for adhesive requirements, ensuring items stay securely in place with the utmost convenience.