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1. Philips Avent Straw beaker

The lower part of the straw is flexible so that it easily reaches the fluid and supports a natural drinking position. The straw has an integrated valve to prevent leakage. The hinged lid protects the straw and prevents leakage on the way. The Philips Avent cup with flexible straw can be easily assembled and disassembled. All parts are fully dishwasher safe for added convenience. The Philips Avent flexible straw mug is designed for healthy tooth development and mouth muscle training in collaboration with experts for an optimal straw mug. 

Philips Avent Straw beaker (300 ml)
Baby bottles
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Philips Avent Straw beaker

300 ml

2. Philips Avent Straw Cup

The Philips Avent Straw Cup SCF796 is the ideal drinking solution for infants from 9 months. It is leak-proof, can be used independently by children with its unique screw cap and can be completely dismantled for easy cleaning. Recommended by US dentists: 90% agree that the design of the Philips Avent straw cup allows healthy tooth development and 86% would recommend the straw cup. The angled straw allows a pleasant drinking position and thus a natural drinking behaviour right to the last sip. The soft silicone straw is soft to the gums 

Philips Avent Straw Cup (200 ml)
Baby bottles
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Philips Avent Straw Cup

200 ml

3. Philips Avent Beak cup without handle

Thanks to the new valve, liquid only flows out of the cup when your baby is drinking. Repourse, spillage or overturning are no longer a problem, nothing runs out. The beak cup is very bite resistant and makes easy drinking child's play. Thanks to its non-slip structure and ergonomic shape, your child can hold the cup perfectly and quickly learns to drink on its own. Compatible with Philips Avent natural and classic+ bottles (except glass bottles) and all other cups (except adult drinking cups). The cups can be combined. 

Philips Avent Beak cup without handle (300 ml)
Baby bottles
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Philips Avent Beak cup without handle

300 ml

4. Everyday Baby Glass bottle

The baby bottle from the brand Everyday Baby can score with clever features. Because the baby bottle made of borosilicate glass is protected by a silicone coating shatter and breakage. ( NOT BREAK PROOF ) The silicone coating prevents the baby bottle from shattering into 1000 individual parts if the bottle should break. In addition, the Everyday Baby glass bottle has a heat sensor function. The colored silicone cover turns white if the bottle contents are too hot to feed (40°C). Glass is a natural raw material and free from plasticizers as well as chemicals, so Everyday Baby glass bottle is a safe choice. Furthermore, the glass bottle is durable, temperature resistant and does not scratch. The baby bottle from Everyday Baby is equipped with a high-quality silicone teat, cap as well as a silicone mixer. The silicone mixer ensures that the lumps which can occur during the preparation of powdered milk are reduced. Features Everyday Baby Glass Bottle: Made of safe natural raw material glass Shatter and breakage protected by silicone coating (NOT BREAK PROOF!) Heat sensor function: silicone coating turns white when contents are too hot (40°C) Includes protective cap and silicone mixer to prevent lumps when preparing powdered milk Anti colic system BPA, BPF, BPS and phthalate free Not dishwasher safe. Color may also fade prematurely in the dishwasher The Everyday Baby glass baby bottle is available in two sizes: 150ml with size S silicone nipple 240ml with size M silicone nipple Note: Because the Everyday Baby bottle has a heat sensor silicone coating, the bottle should not be sterilized too often. (Sterilizing is recommended before first use.) Because regular sterilizing can gradually fade the color and lose the heat sensor function. 

Everyday Baby Glass bottle (150 ml)
Baby bottles
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Everyday Baby Glass bottle

150 ml

5. NIP Wide neck bottle 'Cherry Green' 2 assorted Boy / Girl

Nip® wide neck bottle glass 'Cherry Green', mix, 240 mL, incl. teat round, with anti-colic valve, latex, universal size (0m +), teat hole S.

NIP Wide neck bottle 'Cherry Green' 2 assorted Boy / Girl (240 ml)
Baby bottles
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NIP Wide neck bottle 'Cherry Green' 2 assorted Boy / Girl

240 ml

6. Filibabba Baby bottle - dark grey

Babybottle with a practical lid. The teat made of silicone has a natural shape and a silky soft surface. Comes with teat in size 0-6 months. Extra teats available as an extra purchase in size 0-6 months and +6 months. Produced in PP and silicone. The cup can hold 270 ml. Please read the enclosed package leaflet before use. 

Filibabba Baby bottle - dark grey (270 ml)
Baby bottles
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Filibabba Baby bottle - dark grey

270 ml