• Milk pump duel: is the pricier Elvie worth it?


    by Katja Fischer

Breast pumps

Breast pumps serve the critical role of expressing milk from lactating mothers, providing a valuable solution for parents who may need to return to work, share feedingresponsibilities, or simply wish to have a supply of breast milk on hand. They are designed to mimic the natural sucking action of an infant, allowing for comfortable, efficient milk extraction that supports mothers in maintaining their milk supply. Busy mothers, working professionals, and parents in need of a dependable feeding option often turn to breast pumps as a beneficial tool in their daily lives.

Our variety of breast pumps includes innovative models from trusted brands. Medela offers the Freestyle Hands-free Electric Double Breast Pump which appeals to mothers seeking efficiency and convenience. Philips Avent's Manual Breast Pump is an excellent option for those who prefer manual control and simplicity. Elvie brings advanced technology with their Electric Double Breast Pump, designed for a quiet, wearable pumping experience. For reliability and comfort, Ardo's Calypso Double Plus is a standout, incorporating gentle suction patterns. Lastly, Haakaa captures the attention of eco-conscious parents with their 100ml Breast Pump with Suction Foot, known for being eco-friendly and simple to use. Each brand has its unique take on design and functionality, ensuring that there is a breast pump to suit the varied needs of mothers and their lifestyles.