• Why kids are great (in spite of the challenges)


    by Katja Fischer

Baby bodycare

Baby bodycare products are specially formulated to be gentle and safe for infants' delicate skin. These products range from creams and lotions to bathing essentials and grooming tools, crafted to nourish, protect, and clean without causing irritation. Parents and caregivers often rely on these products to ensure the comfort and health of their babies, incorporating them into daily routines like diaper changes, bathtime, and grooming to maintain the baby’s hygiene and to prevent common skin issues such as diaper rash.

Our collection features top-quality brands trusted by parents globally. Weleda offers the Calendula baby nappy cream, which harnesses the soothing properties of calendula to calm irritated skin and provide a natural barrier against moisture. dm babylove's Baby cotton pads, made with pure, organic cotton, are perfect for gentle cleansing during a diaper change or freshening up. Haakaa makes sure even the tiniest fingernails are taken care of with their Nail care set, designed for safe and precise trimming. For a fun and bubbly bathtime, Naïf's Bath foam nurtures and cleans without any harsh chemicals, making baths enjoyable for both baby and parents. Lastly, Mustela's Liniment, a traditional skincare formula, combines the power of natural ingredients to give your baby's skin the care it needs during diaper changes. Each one of these brands provides a unique set of products to address the various needs of a baby's skincare routine.