Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean 9000 Twin Pack

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Philips Sonicare's whitening in this elegant sonic electric toothbrush. Switch to Philips Sonicare. Know you're getting the deepest possible clean with The C3 Premium Plaque Control brush head.
The soft, flexible bristles are designed to curve around the contours of your teeth, giving you 4x more surface contact and up to 10x more plaque removal from hard-toreach spots. The DiamondClean 9000 gives you the guidance you need to improve and maintain healthy brushing habits in between dentist checkups. Built-in smart sensors let you know when you're using too much pressure, and by connecting your brushing experience to the Sonicare app, a personalized Progress Report helps you stay on track, to see how much you've improved over time. The DiamondClean 9000 comes with Clean, White+, Gum Health and Deep Clean+ to take care of your brushing needs. Clean mode is for exceptional everyday cleaning, White+ is for removing stains, Gum Health provides a gentle yet effective clean for gums and Deep Clean+ gives you an invigorating deep clean. Three intensities allow you to choose between a higher setting to boost your clean and a lower one for more-sensitive mouths. Smart brush heads ensure you're using the right mode and intensity. For an example, say you're using the W3 Premium White brush head. Your DiamondClean 9000's BrushSync technology will automatically sync your brush head with the White+ mode to help whiten your teeth. You might not notice if you're brushing too hard, but your DiamondClean 9000 will. If you need to ease up, the toothbrush will make a pulsing sound. It's a heads up to let your brush head do the work. 7 out of 10 people found this feature helped them become a better brusher. The Premium Plaque Defense brush head is designed to give you your deepest clean yet. Soft flexible sides and bristles perfectly curve around the contours of your teeth, giving you 4x more surface contact and helping target hard-to-reach spots.

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Sonic toothbrush
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Rechargeable battery operated
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Exact colour description

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Toothbrush type
Sonic toothbrush
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Daily clean
Deep clean
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6 x


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Power supply
Rechargeable battery operated

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1 x
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2x DiamondClean Standard
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2 x
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2 brush heads
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1212 g

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25.60 cm
17.60 cm
13.30 cm
1.22 kg

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