artist paint + handicraft paint

  • Terrific tie-dye – how to make your socks colourful


    by Stefanie Lechthaler

artist paint + handicraft paint

Artists and hobbyists alike understand the transformative power of paint, and our online shop offers an impressive array of artist and handicraft paints to suit any project. Our collection caters to a variety of creative needs with subtypes that include watercolor, acrylic, oil paint, and specialty paints such as anti-slip, alcohol ink, and luminous paint. The color spectrum shines through in choices such as metallic, pastel, and fabric colors, ensuring your pieces make their mark with vibrancy and precision. Renowned brands including Amsterdam, Marabu, Kreul, Pebeo, and Van Gogh offer top-selling products renowned for their quality and performance.

When navigating through the kaleidoscope of available paint options, consider the distinguishing features of each paint type. Watercolors, known for their translucency, are perfect for soft washes and gradient effects, while acrylics dry quickly and offer bold, opaque coverage suitable for a range of surfaces. Oil paints offer a rich texture and depth of color with an extended drying time, which permits a wide scope for manipulation. For specialized crafts, we have porcelain, glass, and fabric paints, designed to adhere and perform on specific materials. Finger paints and poster paints are fantastic for educational settings or children’s crafts, allowing for easy cleanup and safe use.

Selecting the perfect paint requires attention to the specifics of your project. Consider the intended surface: is it canvas, paper, glass, fabric, or another base? The durability required, including lightfastness and water-resistance, will inform your choice. If working with children, non-toxic, washable options like finger and tempera paints are ideal. For those looking to add a touch of shine, metallic or glass colors can be striking. Use our filters to navigate through various paint types, brands, and properties. By assessing your needs in terms of medium, finish (matte, satin, gloss), and additional effects (such as crackling or glow-in-the-dark features), you can confidently find and purchase the perfect paint to bring your artistic vision to vibrant life.