Top-rated products in the Handlebar accessories category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. M-Wave Spy Space bicycle mirror

- Material information: Housing: nylon fibre, glass: pin sharp, anti-reflective, impact resistant, clamp: aluminium - Designed for e-bikes - Purpose: trekking - Details: - 3-dimensional adjustable - Type: mirror Scope of delivery - Scope of delivery: 1 M-Wave Spy Space bicycle mirror holder - Type: Ø 22.2 mm. 

2. Zefal Cyclop bicycle mirror

The Cyclop rear view mirror is suitable for universal mounting on handlebar ends (MTB, trekking, e-bike or road bike) with diameters of 16 - 22 mm and is angle-adjustable. An extra large, unbreakable, convex chrome-plated ABS mirror surface provides an improved field of vision and thus additional safety, especially at higher speeds. In the event of an accident, the Cyclop is particularly safe and simply snaps off on impact. 

3. Humpert Ergotec M-99 mirror

Elegant, high-quality rear-view mirror for left and right mounting with short arm and forged aluminium housing. The e-test number allows the mirror to be mounted on e-bikes (45 km/h) and motorcycles. - Purpose: City - Weight: 360 g - Details: - Black sandblasted - 22.2 mm clamping - Type: Mirror - Material information: Aluminium. 

4. M-Wave Spy Space Right

Shape: Various, Material: Glass, Installation location: Handlebar, Color: Black, Sport type: Cycling.

5. Zefal Spin bicycle mirror

The ultra-light handlebar mirror is rotatable and completely retractable. This makes it quick and easy to adjust. For reasons of space and protection, it can be folded down according to the situation. The Spin offers an additional plus in safety for all bikes that are fast on the move such as e-bikes, racing bikes or mountain bikes. It is not only helpful for a better overview in city traffic, but is also useful for trips with several participants. With the spin mounted, the leader has good control over the partner's or group's whereabouts. - Type: Mirror - Material information: chromed, break-proof ABS, plastic - Application: MTB - Weight: 45 g - Details: - Mirror surface: 15 cm² - Handlebar diameter: 16 mm - 22 mm - Mounting left or right. 

6. Humpert Ergotec M-88 mirror

High-quality, shapely rear-view mirror with forged aluminium housing. By turning the housing, the mirror can be used for both left and right mounting. The glass can be replaced and is available separately if required. 

7. Zefal Espion Z56 bicycle mirror folding left

Ideal for city and leisure use, the Espion Z56 rear-view mirror has a very sturdy rod made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic which is attached to the handlebars. This rear view mirror has the largest mirror dimensions on the market. - Purpose: City - Weight: 75 g - Details: - Fully adjustable and foldable - Mirror surface: 56 cm² - Total length (bar + mirror): 23 cm - Type: Mirror - Material information: glass fiber reinforced plastic, Mirror: unbreakable, chrome-plated plastic Mounting bracket - Type: on all handlebars left 

8. M-Wave Spy Micro

Reliable and reusable lock-in handlebar end plugs.

9. Rfr Bar Ends adjustable trekking

The angled RFR bar ends made of aluminium are ideal as an addition to the grip position for trekking and touring fans. They offer several alternative grip positions thanks to their long and angled shape and have a narrow and ergonomically shaped clamping area on the handlebars. Thus the normal grip position is hardly restricted. The RFR bar ends can be continuously adjusted to the individually suitable position thanks to the external clamping in the angle. - Weight: 225 g - Material type: aluminium - Details: - Adjustable bar ends - Especially suitable for trekking - Offers best comfort while riding - Material specifications: Aluminium - Application: Trekking bike - Type: curved - Length (mm): 185 mm Clamping - Type: External clamping 

10. CatEye Handlebar left mirror

Handlebar left mirror BM-500G, 16-20mm.