• How to turn your balcony into an insect paradise


    by Stefanie Lechthaler


Seeds are the beginning of your home gardening adventure, embarking on a journey from tiny kernels to flourishing plants. Keen gardeners and even those without a green thumb can cherish the beauty and the bounty of nature by planting an array of seeds available in our online shop. Whether you are a hobbyist looking to grow colorful flowers that adorn your living space or an urban farmer cultivating fruits and vegetables for a farm-to-table experience, seeds are your fundamental tools. They are also integral for those wanting to promote biodiversity through seed bombs or improving their gardens with fresh herbs and sturdy lawn reseeds.

There is a diverse range of seed types to satisfy all planting ambitions. Seed bombs are unique, self-contained packets of multiple seeds, ideal for guerrilla gardening or a simple, no-fuss way to add color to any space. Vegetable seeds and fruit seeds cater to those aiming for home-grown food, while flower seeds attract gardeners with an eye for aesthetics. Herb seeds can add flavor to your culinary exploits, whereas bulbous plants offer perennial growth with minimal maintenance. For instant gardening gratification, seedlings are young plants that just need to be transplanted into the garden, whereas plant seeds cover a broad array of species for traditional seed planting. Lastly, lawn reseed options revitalize any tired or patchy grass, ensuring a lush, green lawn as a staple of your outdoor space.

When selecting seeds, consider factors such as the planting season, sun exposure requirements, water needs, growth time, and the eventual size of the plant. These properties can guide you to choose the right seeds that will thrive in your environment and suit your gardening style. Additionally, consider the space available in your garden or home, as some plants require more room to flourish than others.

Our range includes premium brands that are trusted by gardeners worldwide. Wolf-Garten's Turbo reseeding LR 250 is perfect for repairing your lawn efficiently. Click and Grow offers a delightful selection of seeds like the popular Basil, conveniently designed for their smart indoor gardens. For a modular garden setup, Prêt à Pousser has the innovative Modulo 2, simplifying kitchen gardening. Samen Mauser's Germinator Bioset can kickstart your seedlings, and Eschenfelder's Broccoli organic sprout seeds are an excellent choice for health enthusiasts keen on growing their superfoods. With these brands and more, you'll find the seeds to stir your soul and soil alike.