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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live (ANC, 4.50 h, Wireless)
118,18 EUR

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

ANC, 4.50 h, Wireless

Question about Galaxy Buds Live - 302000


4 years ago

Hi, is there a way I can try these? Or am I supposed to just pay CHF 200 and blindly accept the risk that they don't fit my ear or have bad sound quality? I cannot try them in any shop and I see you don't accept returns.


4 years ago

Hi Seifah, to answer your question, I recently bought these and the sound quality is pretty good. It's not mind-blowing good but it is a step up from it's predecessor, the buds plus. The fit I find is very comfortable , and hurt way less than the buds after a long duration. However every ear is different but our of all the products Samsung has I think these headphones have the biggest potential to

fit your ears like they did mine with their small size and adjustable rubber holders.