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1. Logitech MeetUp

MeetUp's integrated beamforming microphones are optimized for up to 2.4 meters. Add an additional microphone to extend this range up to 4.2 meters. This means that no matter whether the meeting participants are sitting at a conference table, leaning against the wall or standing elsewhere in the room, the additional microphone ensures that every participant is perfectly understood.
Since meeting rooms can have very different sizes, the additional microphone was developed to allow additional flexibility for different room constellations. The additional microphone increases the recording range of the MeetUp microphone to 4.2 metres.
Thanks to the mute button on the microphone, even those further away from the speakerphone can easily mute the entire system. The LED indicates when the microphone is muted, when a call is active, and when Bluetooth wireless pairing has started.
LED for displaying video streaming, microphone mute, hold, Bluetooth pairing, etc. The cable length is 6m.

2. Logitech TV Mount XL For Meetup - WW

The Logitech TV Mount for MeetUp securely holds the MeetUp ConferenceCam either above or below a flat screen and can be attached to the industry-standard VESA mounting points on most TVs and displays. Product Color: Black, Compatibility: Logitech MeetUp. Width: 83 mm, depth: 16 mm, height: 700 mm. 

3. Logitech Rally Mic Pod

The Rally microphones offer an elegant, flat design, are made of high-quality materials and provide exceptionally clear, natural and intelligible sound transmission. Each microphone contains several beamforming elements that are directed at the active speaker and automatically eliminate acoustic interference. Up to seven microphones together create a beamforming microphone matrix with consistent audio coverage for every seat in larger conference rooms. 

4. Logitech Rally Mic Pod Extension Cable

Ten meters of additional range with cables for Rally Mic Pod or Rally Mic Pod Hub for larger rooms. Plenum certified and ECA certified for commercial installations. Connect two cables for 20 meters total extension. 

5. Yealink MTouch II

You can place the system on the conference room table and the touch screen is adjustable to your specific ergonomic needs. 8" touch display. 1280 x 800 resolution. Human motion sensor. Supports wireless content presentations. 

6. OWL Expansion Mic


7. Logitech Power supply unit for Meetup, Group and ConferenceCam Connect

Logitech Group & Conference Cam Connect Video replacement power supply for the Group & Conference Cam Connect video conferencing system.

8. Logitech Expansion Mics

Logitech's auxiliary microphones extend the range of the Group video conferencing system and provide up to 20 participants with a convenient communication solution for large rooms. 

9. AVer Extension microphone VB342+ incl 20m cable

Data provider: Trustbox.

AVer Extension microphone VB342+ incl 20m cable
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AVer Extension microphone VB342+ incl 20m cable

10. Logitech TV Mount MeetUp

Logitech TV Mount for MeetUp securely holds the MeetUp ConferenceCam either above or below a flat-panel monitor and attaches to the industry-standard VESA mounting points available on most TVs and monitors. The TV mount’s unique design allows MeetUp to be mounted above or below a monitor. Attaching MeetUp below the TV tends to provide the most natural video experience, but this mount offers both options. Most TVs follow the VESA standard for locating mounting points on the back of TVs. The TV Mount for MeetUp features a swing arm design and multiple mounting holes to fit almost any flat-panel monitor.