Audio adapters

Discover a comprehensive selection of audio adapters suitable for all your sound connection needs. Our collection showcases an array of adapters designed to bridge the gap between various audio interfaces. Whether you're looking to connect your favorite headphones to new-generation devices that lack a headphone jack or need to integrate professional audio equipment with consumer electronics, our range has you covered. Leading the market are top-notch brands such as Hama with their Adapter USB-C to jack plug, Delock's versatile Audio adapter USB Type-C to jack socket and USB Type-C PD in grey, Goobay's HDMI Audio Extractor supporting 4K at 60 Hz, Belkin's innovative Soundform Connect for AirPlay2, and Ugreen's practical 6.35 mm jack plug to 3.5 mm jack socket adapter.

When choosing the perfect audio adapter, several important properties need to be considered. The primary properties include Connection A and Connection B, which refer to the types of audio ports the adapter connects. A typical value here would be a common 3.5mm jack, though adapters may vary to include USB-C, HDMI, and other types of connections to meet your specific requirements. To find the ideal product, use our intuitive filtering system. Select your desired connection types on each end of the adapter to match your devices perfectly. For instance, if you own a modern smartphone that only has a USB-C port and you wish to use your existing headphones with a 3.5mm jack, look for an adapter specifying a USB-C male connector (Connection A) and a 3.5mm female jack (Connection B).

Brands such as Hama, Delock, Goobay, Belkin, and Ugreen have established themselves as customer favorites by consistently delivering quality and reliability. With features such as high-resolution audio support, built-in charge-through capabilities, and compact, durable construction, there's an adapter for every scenario. Navigate our selection by brand or by the most bought product for a more straightforward search experience.

Equipped with the right audio adapter, you can enjoy seamless connectivity and the freedom to use your preferred audio devices with any of your electronics. We are always available to provide further assistance and ensure you find the best audio adapter for your needs.