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The name Tesa was created in 1906 by Elsa Tesmer. From the two first letters of her surname and the two final letters of her first name she put the term together in a brand name competition.

The company initially produced toothpaste tubes. However, the tube business was less successful and for this reason the brand name was assigned to a newly developed product in 1926.

In 1935 Beiersdorf AG developed a transparent adhesive film which was initially marketed under a different name and later adopted the name TESA. The introduction of Tesa as the umbrella name for all adhesive tapes produced by Beiersdorf greatly increased the significance of the brand from 1941 onwards.

Today there are about 6500 different Tesa products. In 2001, TESA SE was spun off as an independent company (at that time as Aktiengesellschaft Tesa AG).

In October 2015, Tesa moved its headquarters from Hamburg to Norderstedt-Garstedt in the Nettelkrögen industrial area.