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Drive technology

Drive technologyDrive technology

Automatic coffee makers

Automatic coffee makersAutomatic coffee makers



Residual-current device

Residual-current deviceResidual-current device

Home automation

Home automationHome automation

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleanersVacuum cleaners

Top-rated Siemens products

Siemens TZ 80002 A
11,30 EUR was 11,90 EUR

Siemens TZ 80002 A

Siemens Cleaning tablets
10,73 EUR was 12,21 EUR

Siemens Cleaning tablets

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Siemens is the great, innovative brand in the home appliances sector. Siemens stands for outstanding engineering achievements, characterised by creativity, perfection and precision. For more than 160 years, these values have shaped the Siemens brand around the world, providing the basis for a continuous flow of innovations which have constantly improved people’s lives. “Progress in the service of mankind” was the aspiration of the company’s founder, Werner Von Siemens; and with this in mind; we continue to make technical advances in the performance and efficiency of our appliances, including the optimised use of resources such as water and energy.