special paint

Special paints are specialty coatings designed to address specific concerns and to provide surfaces with unique finishes that regular paints cannot achieve. For enthusiastic DIYers, professional decorators, and maintenance teams alike, our online shop offers an extensive selection of unique and high-performance special paints. These special paints cater to a variety of needs from protective anti-mold options to innovative magnetic paints. Top brands such as SchimmelX, Miocolor, Dupli-Color, Magpaint, and Cramer feature prominently, each with their most popular products like touch-up paints, repair kits, and specialty sprays.

The range of special paint types available is diverse, each with their distinctive features. Panel colors are formulated to refresh and protect various types of paneling, giving a durable and long-lasting finish. Anti-mold paints contain biocides that prevent the growth of mold and mildew, ideal for areas prone to dampness. Magnetic paints have metallic properties that allow magnets to adhere to the painted surface, perfect for creating interactive walls. Touch-up paints and repair kits are a quick-fix solution to cover scratches or chips on surfaces such as ceramics, enamel, and acrylic. Silicone paints are known for their waterproof and flexible qualities, beneficial for both indoor and outdoor use. For a temporary yet vibrant finish, spray foils can be applied to objects and later peeled off without residue. Priming paints prepare surfaces to ensure optimal adhesion and performance of subsequent paint layers. Nicotine barrier paints seal in stains and odors from nicotine and other substances. Floor colors provide a tough coating for flooring that withstands heavy wear and tear, while marking paints are designed for creating clear and durable lines on various surfaces like parking lots or sports fields.